Our Products

General Battery

The AGM batteries are designed with absorbtive glass matt and produced based on the relevant standard in JISC8702 and IEC60896-2. According to different capacity, the batteries are assorted in Small size series, Middle size series. The small series ranges from 0.5AH to 20AH and the Middle size series capacity ranges from 24AH to 250AH.

EV battery

EV batteries are specially designed for some power equipment such as cleaning machines, golf carts, lawn mowers, scooters, Electric Wheel-chairs, E-bicycles and E-rickshaws. The EV batteries are assembled with very special plates ( high tin lead-alloy) to overcome hardworking condition. Special additive to prevent stratification of electrolyte

Motorcycle Batteries

Starting ,Igniting and lighting batteries are designed with maintenance free technology, which meet the huge energy demands of vehicles or motorcycles. The batteries are capable of powering the traditional vehicles. This technology makes batteries with optimal performance, faster conductivity and reliable starting power.

OPzV batteries

OPzV series batteries are designed with immobilized GEL and Tubular Plate technology to offer high reliability and performance. OPzV series is more suitable for cyclic applications. Batteries work properly in a termperature range -20°C~60°C. Low discharge rate performance (less than 0.005C) is excellent. The service life can be 25 years.

Solar Batteries

Experienced in R&D, we designed GEL deep cycle batteries for Solar / Wind power systems. Improving the AGM batteries in deep cycle applications, the AGM battery capacity keeps more stable during service life. With deep cycle technologies by putting some special elements in lead alloy and some additive in electrolyte to get much more longer cycle life.

Telecom Batteries

With the latest advanced design of Oxygen Combination, we designed a new generation of Valve - regulated Lead Acid batteries based on long service life more than 12 years for telecom power stations, data base center, medical emergency power system. Our telecom batteries meet the technology standard JISC8702 and IEC60876-2